Artist Bio:

Cherie Taylor is a fine artist specializing in ink and watercolor drawings. Her work is varied, but usually draws from themes in nature. Her interest in the arts started from a young age, inspired by many talented family members! Growing up the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, she was influenced by the nature and wildlife around her. She continued to develop her skills as an artist throughout her childhood by drawing what she saw while enjoying the great outdoors.

She continued her formal education in college, graduating from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Studio Art. She has worked in the arts industry in various capacities over the years including as a 3D animation artist, photographer, and videographer but switched gears in 2016 to pursue her dream of being a full-time studio artist.

Cherie currently lives in Sterling, Virginia with her husband, Andrew. When not making artsy things, she can usually be found wandering around outside, camping, hiking, or off-roading in their lifted Xterra. She also loves cooking, listening to rock/metal music, singing along to Broadway musicals, and reading all things nerdy.



Artist Statement:

I strive to make beautiful things that inspire myself and others. I am fascinated by extreme contrast, both visually and conceptually. My work plays on the visual differences between the black of the ink and the bold and bright colors of watercolor – the details in the intricate lines of pen play alongside loose washes. I love the outdoors, and most of my pieces represent some form of nature – animals, landscapes – and the relationship humans have with nature. I find myself most inspired when I am outside, whether it’s hiking, camping, or going for a drive on back-country roads. I love to create visual representations of these moments that evoke the same emotions of inner peace I feel when I am interacting with nature and I hope my work can evoke the same emotions for the viewer. I am also fascinated by conceptual contrasts – good vs evil – and use my art as a method to explore these concepts.