Commission Work

I am currently available for commissioned work! Please E-mail me or fill out this form if you are interested. I also have custom artwork listings on my Etsy page!

  • Subjects Considered: animals, pets, landscapes, buildings, objects. (Unfortunately at this time I am not offering portrait commissions.)
  • Mediums Available: Pencil Drawing, Pen/Ink Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Colored Pencil Drawing, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting.
  • Sizes: Any size available but I typically work on 5″x7″, 9″x12″, 11″x14″ and 18″x24″ paper. I recommend a larger size for a more detail piece or pieces with multiple subjects.

PRICING: Since every project is different I am unable to post exact pricing information for my commissioned work. I do have exact prices available for my listings on Etsy, so feel free to check out my listings. For custom art that does not conform to my Etsy offerings, I would be happy to put together a custom quote for your project. Below is a chart with a rough estimate, but pricing may change depending on the details of your project. For more information about this process, please read my FAQ.


Would you like a portrait of your furry, feathered, or scaly best friend? I absolutely LOVE drawing animals, and I’m so excited to draw your pet! The easiest way to purchase a custom pet portrait is through my Etsy page. You are also welcome to E-mail me or complete this form with the size, medium, specific instructions, whether you’d like black and white or color, background preferences, and the date you need your portrait by (if any). I would be happy to discuss your portrait with you and make suggestions if you are unsure about what you’d like. Please attach any photograph or photographs of your pet you would like your portrait based off of. (If possible, use photographs that are high resolution with even lighting so I can see the details).



Home is where the heart is, and it deserves a beautiful portrait! Here are some fun HOUSE PORTRAIT ideas!

  • Commemorate a First Home purchase
  • Four separate pieces showing your home in all four seasons
  • Collage showing your home through the years. Great if you’ve had a lot of renovations!
  • A portrait of a special place for your family – like a vacation home, family farm, family store, etc.

If you are interested, the easiest way to purchase a custom home portrait is through my Etsy shop. You are also welcome to send me an email or complete this form with all of the details of your project and a high resolution photograph of your home. Make sure to let me know if you’d like color or black/white, whimsical style or detailed style, and text included (address, family name, etc), background or no background, etc.



I am available for book illustrations, including children’s book illustrations. If you would like to speak further about your illustration project, please e-mail me at cherietaylorstudio@gmail.com or complete this form with all of the details of your project. .




Are you interested in having a custom piece of artwork made for your home? I would love to speak with you about your ideas! I can customize every aspect of the painting to fit your home’s look and feel – incorporating the colors and style of the room where you intend to hang it! If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me at cherietaylorstudio@gmail.com or complete this form with all of the details of your project.